Reebok Rally

We were commissioned by Reebok to concept, produce and design the magazine layout for the second issue of their women’s magazine + catalog (magalog) called Rally.┬áThe issue was a fall / winter release, so we came up with the “Elements” theme to play off the changing of the seasons, weather, and the elements of a healthier, more fit lifestyle. The theme also played out graphically throughout the 50 page issue in headline type treatments and image layouts.

Reebok Rally Front and Back Covers
Reebok Rally Webpage
Reebok Rally: Out of their Element
Reebok Rally: 4 Spreads about Equilibrium
Reebok Rally: Immunity

We had the honor of featuring such female athletes as Sage Erickson, Laure Manaudou, Amie Engerbretson, Maureen Shea, among many others. We shot every day for 2 full weeks at multiple locations in LA, NYC, and Marsaille France. Technically, it was one heck of a production, and conceptually we were able to balance original editorial content with pushing product through seamless execution and a forward thinking layout.

Reebok Rally: Wide shot Front and Back covers
Reebok Rally: Hooded Jacket
Reebok Rally: High Style, Low Profile. Sophisticated kicks from Reebok's Classics Collection and Skyscraper series.
Reebok Rally: Sports Bras
Reebok Rally Mud Run: It doesn't get easier. You just keep getting better.
Reebok Rally: Paleo Gourmet Recipe