Prius Goes Plural

Since the second Prius rolled off the production line, confusion has surrounded the plural of the word Prius. Until now, it has been a casual subject for debate, but when Toyota announced that they would be introducing three new Prius models, a solution had to be reached. The world had to know, once and for all, what is the plural of Prius? Rather than rule with an iron fist, Toyota let the people decide. While at Saatchi & Saatchi LA, we built an identity around the new family of Prius vehicles including everything from stop motion cinema spots made in collaboration with HunterGatherer, to print & out of home, to a dynamic voting module and various digital advertising ephemera that appeared almost everywhere online. In the end, the public chose “Prii” to be the official plural of Prius and the campaign earned us a Gold Lion at Cannes.