Pendry San Diego Groundbreaking

When the luxurious Montage Hotel decided to branch out and open a new chain of more “boutique” hotels, they knew they would need to announce it in a new way that stands out from the typical groundbreaking ceremony to create buzz years before opening. The new hotel is called “The Pendry”, which is an old British family name that means “Know Thyself”. We created a fictional character, Mr. Pendry whose eclectic, classy style & travelled aesthetic resonates throughout the brand. What would his San Diego crash pad look like? At the groundbreaking of the first hotel in San Diego’s Gaslamp District, we assembled a unique outpost that was to serve as Pendry base camp until the hotel is built around it. The scene was complete with a raj tent, unique quiver of surfboards, vintage luggage, British guards and butlers, musicians, fancy umbrellas for guests, among many other items from Mr. Pendry’s travels. The experience for guests was but a small taste of what is to come in 2016 when the hotel opens. We made great use of our neighborhood prop house and costume rental shop on this project.