Pendry Hotels Branding & Collateral

With the launch of their flagship location in downtown San Diego rapidly approaching, Pendry Hotels tasked us with creating their brand style guide, a full property collateral system for San Diego and Baltimore, the brand website, print ads, and a slew of sales and promotional brochure assignments to keep the momentum leading up to opening. All of these deliverables incorporated unique patterns and an illustration language that reflected the classic yet playful brand tone of Pendry.

The first two pieces of printed collateral for the hotel branding project were a fold out property brochure and a recruitment brochure for trade shows and other events. These gave us our first opportunity to publicly unveil the new branding for Pendry. All photography and Illustrations were done in house by ITAL/C.

Playing off the laid back, youthful vibe of San Diego, we went with a collage-like mix of casual lifestyle imagery, property renders and hand-drawn sketches. All illustrations and photography were also done in house by Italic.

Finally, we extended the Pendry branding to design the full responsive website for the hotel, which included mobile and tablet versions as well as desktop.