Indoek Brand Identity

Indoek is a surf-centric brand celebrating an independent flavor of wave-riding culture mixed with all things creative and inspiring. ITAL/C has been a part of Indoek since its inception and has designed everything from the logo, brand identity, apparel, photography, site designs that include both custom CSS editorial and shop templates, even unique content and product collaborations. It is a constant work in progress, but is a great example of a brand we are vested in and continue to grow, nurture and evolve.

One of our most popular ongoing projects on Indoek is Surf Shacks. Surf Shacks is a series of photo essays, illustrations and interviews featuring creative surfers from around the world and their homes.

Over the years, we have used Indoek not only as a media and content outlet, but as a means to make high end surf and beach lifestyle products we’ve always wanted to produce. The first of which was the Indoek Wax Kit. The first version of our wax kit was made in collaboration with our friend and fellow designer, Todd St. John and were made from fallen Nicaraguan hardwoods. The next model was made from molded surfboard resin in collaboration with Sam Titone.

In another Indoek Product collaboration, we partnered with friend Stefan Wigand to launch a limited run of portable beach teepees called “Wavewam.”