Drought Tips

California is in the midst of the worst drought on record. We decided that instead of idly worrying about it on a daily basis, we, at ITAL/C, would try in some small way to help spread some water-saving tips. Small changes in our everyday lives can make a big difference, so we designed some quick, gestural illustrated motion graphics to demonstrate these tips. Most importantly, we used a playful, approachable illustration style that is in stark contrast to the daunting facts out there about the drought.

Drought Tips - Take 5 Minute Showers
Drought Tips: Use a Class of Water for Brushing Your Teeth
Drought Tips: Shower with a Friend
Drought Tips: Dishwashers Use Less Water Than You
Drought Tips: Use and Broom to Clean Driveways, Sidewalk and Patios. Don't water Your Lawn
Drought Tips: Only Plant Native, Drought Tolerant Plants
Drought Tips: Take Sailor Showers and Fix Leaky Faucets and Pipes